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WA, Tacoma - High School - cr0395 - postcard **DAMAGED / AS IS**


WA, Tacoma - High School - cr0395 - postcard **DAMAGED / AS IS**


THIS IS A DAMAGED CARD - and is being sold **AS IS**

  • Washington
  • Edward H Mitchell
  • Believe that the face of the card has enough merit on its own that I am taking the time to list it.  Hopefully it will provide you with an opportunity to purchase a unique, possibly one of a kind card that will fit into your collection or maybe just be a reasonably priced place marker until a better image comes along.
  • Plan on the post card having tears, stains, bends, holes, weak backings, creases, missing corners etc - and you won't be disappointed when you find that even though it does have SOME of those things - that most do not have them ALL.
  • The backs of the cards will not be shown as a rule, to save time - but a copy will be sent for your review ASAP, if requested. 

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