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WA, Grand Coulee Dam - close up RPPC from @1950 - w00552


WA, Grand Coulee Dam - close up RPPC from @1950 - w00552


Washington Real Photo Postcard - Grand Coulee Dam, WA

  • Mailed from Coolee Dam in 1950
  • Western Souvenirs Inc - #519
  • Grand Coulee Dams Spectacular Waterfall, pictured her, is more than 5 city blocks long and more than twice as high as Niagara Falls.  The Bureau of Reclamation dam in North Central Washington  has a crest length of 4,173 feet, and a height of 550 feet above lowest bedrock.
  • Cute sign for STOP at the end of what must have been a walkway - so that people wouldn't walk out into the water.  DUH!!!!  :-)  I just thought that that was funny.
  • Please note that the majority of the cards are over 50 years old and as such, are sold AS IS. Tears will be noted but it would be too timely to note each fault on every card. If condition is important to you - contact us with our number in the title & what it is that you would like to know or what it is that you would like pictured more closely.
  • Because of the age of the cards - they are noted as being USED - no matter if they are written on or not.

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