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TX, Houston - Bird Eye view of Business Section with names - CP0255

TX, Houston - Bird Eye view of Business Section with names - CP0255


TEXAS postcard - Houston, TX 

Seawall Specialty Co - C T Art Colortone - OB-H440

Back IDs the numbers on the face as.....

1 Humble Bldg

2 Lamar Hotel

3 Commerce Bldg

4 Second Nat'l Bank

5 Gulf Bldg

6 Neils Esperson

7 City Library

8 City Hall

9 Medical Arts

10 Texas Co Bldg

11 Telephone Bldg

12 United Gas Bldg

13 Texas State Hotel

14 Shell Bldg

15 Sterling Bldg

16 Bankers Mortgage Bldg

17 Rice Hotel

18 City Auditorium

19 Auditorium Hotel

20 Petroleum Bldg

21 Main US Post Office

22 Shrine Bldg

23 Cotton Exchange

24 Sam Houston Hotel

25 Foley Bldg

26 State Nat'l Bank

27 Citizens State Bank

28 Civil Court Bldg

29 Federal Office Bldg

30 First Nat'l Bank

31 Union Nat'l Bank

32 Electrical Bldg

Mailed 1945

 A great card if you are trying to map out the buildings

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