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Ship Postcard - MARINE ADDER, USNS - clear RPPC - B06534

Ship Postcard - MARINE ADDER, USNS - clear RPPC - B06534


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  • not posted
  • this is a very clear real photo postcard from above that shows a bunch of people as well as the life boats etc that is on a deck
  • DOERSIE on the lower right
  • back:  is a C-4 type troopship built in 1945 in Richmond, CA.  She is 523 feet long.  72 feet wide and can cruise at 17 knots.  Complete facilities for troop recreation are available on board.  Equipped with modern safety and lifesaving gear, the ship is part of the fleet of transports and cargo vessels operated by the Military Sea Transportation Service, Department of the Navy.
  • divider line has:  This souvenir post card one of the services from ships store profits
  • large crease - so sold AS IS
  • Please note that the majority of the cards are over 50 years old and as such, are sold AS IS. Tears will be noted but it would be too timely to note each fault on every card. If condition is important to you - contact us with our number in the title & what it is that you would like to know or what it is that you would like pictured more closely.
  • Because of the age of the cards - they are noted as being USED - no matter if they are written on or not.

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