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Ship, Boat or Steamer Postcard - HMS NEPTUNE - RPPC - 800559

Ship, Boat or Steamer Postcard - HMS NEPTUNE - RPPC - 800559


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  • This is a Real Photo Postcard
  • Not posted
  • titled:  The Launch of HMS Neptune Sept 30th 1909 (although the first letter of the name appears to be an M. 
  • shows a bunch of small boats - the one of the left appears to have a couple of men in uniform with the boat loaded with supplies.  What makes this unique is that in the center of it - there appears to be a chimney stack.  Not sure if the boat was being propelled by it or if it was part of the items being transported.  Also a row boat with a couple of men and women in it towards the center and the boat on the right has a man with what appears to be a hand net in his hand.  
  • The clarity isn't that great but when you factor in that it is of an event from 110 years ago - pretty good really.  Can't think that there are many other copies of the actual launching that have survived, so it could be quite rare.
  • Please note that the majority of the cards are over 50 years old and as such, are sold AS IS. Tears will be noted but it would be too timely to note each fault on every card. If condition is important to you - contact us with our number in the title & what it is that you would like to know or what it is that you would like pictured more closely.
  • Because of the age of the cards - they are noted as being USED - no matter if they are written on or not.

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