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Ship Postcard - ELMER W JONES (original SOLD) F17027

Ship Postcard - ELMER W JONES (original SOLD) F17027


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Elmer W Jones

  • Titled:  The Elmer W Jones - Morristown, NY - Automobile Ferry, Morristown, NY to Brockville, Ontario, Canada
  • Brockville and Morristown Transportation Co
  • Back:  Brockville - Morristown Ferry / Leaves / Morristown, NY on the hour from 6am to 11pm / Brockville, Ont on the half hour from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm / Time crossing 10 minutes / Cars $1.25, return free same day / Passengers 25cents, return free same day / Sundays and Holidays:  Cars 25 cents extra - Trucks with load; $2 to $5 - return free withing 3 days / Spring and Fall Schedule - Hourly Trips / Leaving Morristown, NY on the hour from 8am until 7pm

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