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RI, Providence - Fire Engine Co No 22 wagon, men postcard - FF0003

RI, Providence - Fire Engine Co No 22 wagon, men postcard - FF0003


Rhode Island Postcard - RI

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  • Fire Department postcard 
  • pub by R Wilkinson 
  • titled:  Engine Co No 22 House Junction Point and Friendship Sts., Providence, RI
  • Shows the fire house, a wagon with a water tank led by 3 horses and another holding the firemen pulled by 2 horses
  • back:  First size Metropolitan Piston Engine, built in 1905.  Diameter of pump, 5 1/2in; steam cylinder 9 in; stoke 8 inch.  Drawn by 3 horses and fitted with rubber tires, it weighs, ready for service, 10,600 lbs.  In service at station 12, from May 1st 1905 to Nov 5, 1907.  Combination Wagon, built in 1907.  Drawn by 2 horses, is fitted with rubber tires and roller bearing axles.  Carries 800 ft of 2 1/2 in hose; 200 ft of 3/4 in hose, and is equipped with one 35 gal tank.  Weighs, ready for service, 4,825 lbs.  Placed in service Dec 1st, 1907.  Company consists of 1 Capt, 1 Lieut, 5 hosemen, 1 Engine Man, 1 Asst Engine man. 1 Hose Driver and 1 Engine Driver.
  • Please note that the majority of the cards are over 50 years old and as such, are sold AS IS. Tears will be noted but it would be too timely to note each fault on every card.  If condition is important to you - contact us with our number in the title & what it is that you would like to know or what it is that you would like pictured more closely.
  • Again, because of the age of the cards - they are noted as being USED - no matter if they are written on or not.

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