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PA, Philadelphia - VIR Publishing Co Advertising or Reply card - B17074

PA, Philadelphia - VIR Publishing Co Advertising or Reply card - B17074


Pennsylvania postcard - Philadelphia, PA

This Advertising or Reply card is addressed to The VIR Publishing Company / 450 Land Title Building / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and on the back it has:  What a once cent stamp will bring you.  If you will write your name and address on the blank lines below, place a one cent stamp on the reverse side and mail this card to us, we will send you sample copies of the PURITY ADVOCATE a quarterly published in the interests of intelligent and pure manhood and womanhood.  If, with your name and address written below, you will enclose with this card 10 cents in stamps in an envelope addressed to (same address listed previously), we will send you this splendid periodical regularly for one year.  Persons who purchase more than one book may place on the extra cards the names of friends to whom they desire free copies sent, or may, by the payment of 10 cents for each subscription, have the paper sent to each one of these friends for an entire year.  All papers will be discontinued at the end of the time paid for.

  • Please note that the majority of the cards are over 50 years old and as such, are sold AS IS. Tears will be noted but it would be too timely to note each fault on every card.  If condition is important to you - contact us with our number in the title & what it is that you would like to know or what it is that you would like pictured more closely.

  • Again, because of the age of the cards - they are noted as being USED - no matter if they are written on or not.

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