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IL, Princeton - Pioneer Cabin and picture of John H Bryant, - C06168

IL, Princeton - Pioneer Cabin and picture of John H Bryant, - C06168


 ILLINOIS postcard - Princeton, IL

This is just a GREAT old card of substantial importance in that it actually pictures John Howard Bryant and his Pioneer Cabin.  Was not familiar with this person, but the pictures that I found looked EXACTLY like the man standing next to the log cabin (with his hat in his hand), so I feel comfortable that it IS HIM!!  I found that he was a poet like his brother William Cullen Bryan and that he arrived in Princeton in 1832 and had built the cabin when he was 25.  It states on the card itself, that it was built and occupied by him in June 1834 - and was destroyed in 1895.

Case and Vaughan Art Co Pub is on the face of the card

mailed in 1911 from Princeton with a clear flag killer and is addressed to Mrs Franklin Farrel

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