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Halloween - Hallowe'en - witches (CARD SOLD, only digital copy avail) HJ0164

Halloween - Hallowe'en - witches (CARD SOLD, only digital copy avail) HJ0164


Halloween postcard -

Believe that this Halloween postcard is unique, if not down right rare.

titled:  On Hallowe'en the witches come.  It is their ancient witch custom Great Business they transact - and then - They hasten to their homes again!!

I have been told that this Nash post card - Hallowe'en Series No 21 A is a very rare card from a very rare series.

Artist signed but I have never been able to attribute the signature to anyone specific, in fact I couldn't even figure out what the actual letters were.  The closest that I have gotten is from another Series 21A Halloween postcard with the same color scheme that listed out V G as the artist initials.  That card was titled THE WITCHES and it sold in August, 2020 for $150!!  Am starting this auction for what I believe to be a reasonable price of $50.

Card has an orange and black border and shows 3 Men? witches (warlocks?) in pilgrim or puritan type brown clothing (capes).  Their hats aren't the typical witches hats in that they are rounded on the top (not pointed) and show an orange square above the brim.  The capes or coats appear to have orange ties and at least the front 2 are using canes or walking sticks.  There is a large orange moon in the background along with line drawn clouds.

Card is in really good shape as the pictures will show - with only a tiny fleck of the black on the top right edge & some pencil marks in the stamp box - especially when you consider that it is around 110 years old!!  

If you need closer pixs of anything - let me know what and I will send them.

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